Drones can endanger human lives on board yachts no matter where they are.

Salt water, vibration, and heat can pose extreme challenges for a drone defense system on board a ship.

The AARTOS Drone Detection System adapts dynamically to the movement of the ship, is not impaired by the ship’s radar, and does not interfere with any ship-related electronics. It can also be easily adapted to the shape and contour of the yacht through various customisable options (Aaronia’s OEM Service).

AARTOS can seamlessly integrate into ship systems and thus protect your privacy successfully.

  • Resistance to salt water, vibration, heat
  • Adapts dynamically to ship’s movement
  • Is not affected by ship radar
  • Does not generate any interference radiation
  • Can be adapted well to the form & contours of the yacht
  • Protection of privacy, e.g. in coastal proximity or when pulling into harbour
  • Detects radio-controlled diving drones
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into ship systems

A System with Proven Maritime Success

Our system can detect and neutralize radio-controlled diving drones approaching underwater. AARTOS is known for its robustness and durability, making it perfect for maritime applications – everything made in Germany.

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