Border Protection

Drones at national borders, even in treacherous terrains, are no longer a rare occurrence.

Due to their long range and flight heights, drones are being used increasingly for border espionage and smuggling.

The AARTOS™ system counters this with a high detection range and accuracy and is thus predestined for border protection. With minimal hardware needed and unlimited scalability, extremely large border areas can be monitored.

AARTOS™ is already used globally for the prevention of espionage flights and to prevent smuggling.

  • Land & sea
  • Extremely high range = low number of stations
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Against violation of territorial integrity
  • Defence against espionage flights
  • Prevention of smuggling
  • Is HF Direction Finding capable

Combating Violations of Territorial Integrity

Our system works independently of environmental conditions and automatically warns you of unusual activities in the airspace. We also identify the type of drone and the positions of pilots and drones in the border area.

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