Counter-UAV Solutions. AARTOS Anti-drone Jammers

Aaronia offers a broad range of counter-drone jammers with extremely high coverage of 8km. With up to 800W output power and a programmable frequency range until 6GHz these jammers get rid of any drone. Portable, stationary or fully integrated & automatic versions are available.

Handheld Drone Jammer

The new AARTOS ALL Frequency Jammer

  • Extremely high jamming range of up to 8 km (higher range on request)
  • Covers ALL drones within frequency range
  • Fully programmable frequency range & bands
  • Up to 360° (8 Sectors) ALL frequency directional jammer
  • Targeted jamming (automatic or by operator)
  • Directional and/or omnidirectional antenna

Jammer Versions

Handheld Drone Jammer
For AARTOS X3, X5, X7, X9
Automatic Sector Jammer 180°/360°
For AARTOS X5, X7, X9
360° Programmable Automatic Sector Jammer
For AARTOS X5, X7, X9




Range up to 1.5km
Range 3–8km (180–650W)
Range 4– >8km (240–800W)
Sectors 2/4
Sectors 8
Antennas 1 Directional
Antennas 2/4 Directional, 1 Omni
Antennas 1 Antenna Array
Bands Covers 4
Bands Covers up to 15
Bands Covers all
Output power 40W
Output power 180–650W (3 – 8km)
Output power 240–800W (4 – 8km)
Programmable No
Programmable No
Programmable Yes
Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet
Download Datasheet
The AARTOS CMS (Counter-Measure Solutions) can only be sold to entities with proper government approval for the deployment of jammers.