Integratable Add-ons. Getting more control with our stable, remote access radio station, loudspeaker and more.

There are many ways to equip a vehicle for use against drones. In addition, for practical purposes, it is advisable in most cases to include a few more features.

Our specially developed RTSA-Suite PRO software, which is unbeatable in combination with our hardware, is decisive for excellent detection results.


A built-in northfinder can provide high precision position data (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, SOG, COG and ROT) with a heading accuracy of 0.4°, three-axis speed monitoring, and immunity to ­interference.

Satellite Antenna

5G, 4G or satellite antennas can be installed for a fast and secure Internet connection.

Radio Relay Station

Integrated radio station can be very useful to stay in contact with your field team.

Long Range Speaker

To contact a drone pilot or others in case of an emergency or to transmit warnings, it is possible to integrate an AARTOS™ Long Range Speaker into your system. With this 360° speaker system, you can broadcast audio at a dis­tance of up to 2 km.