Worldwide Drone Incidents


Incident Category Location Date Link
Fire at Russian oil refinery after drone crash Infrastructure Rostow 22.06.2022 Article
Drone over Tesla’s Gigafactory hinders air traffic Properties Grünheide 15.05.2022 Article
Tourists crash drones into Italy landmarks in Rome and Pisa Infrastructure Rom 27.04.2022 Article
Mystery drone from Ukraine war crashes in Croatia Infrastructure Zagreb 11.03.2022 Article
Boeing 737 missed drone by just 6ft Airport London 02.12.2021 Article
Prisoner shoots at rivals with gun smuggled in by drone Prison Rom 20.09.2021 Article
Illegal drones during blasting Infrastructure Duisburg 08.09.2021 Article
A drone circling over Chisinau’s Zimbru Stadium caused a delayed kickoff Events Chisinau 01.09.2021 Article
Drone with drugs stopped by police officer Police Doksy 10.08.2021 Article
Police action after a drone approached an aircraft Police Glasgow 29.07.2021 Article
Family feels observed at the breakfast table Properties Albringhausen 17.07.2021 Article
London helicopter ambulance reports near collision with drone Airport London 02.07.2021 Article
Residents feel observed by suspected drone Properties Stuhr-Brinkum 24.06.2021 Article
Plane and drone in near miss incident over Brockworth Airport Brockworth 30.04.2021 Article
Drone over residential area Properties Bremervörde 29.04.2021 Article
Drone triggers police operation Police Hanau 24.04.2021 Article
Drone sparks police warning Infrastructure Mansfield Town 21.04.2021 Article
Drone damages van Infrastructure Bedburg 19.04.2021 Article
Drone stops air traffic at Frankfurt Airport Airport Frankfurt 05.03.2021 Article
Drone crashes onto balcony in Salford Quays apartment block Infrastructure Salford 04.03.2021 Article
Crash of a professional drone near Raigmore Hospital Infrastructure Old Perth 22.02.2021 Article
Drone’s crash landing during Welsh Grand National meeting Infrastructure Chepstow 12.01.2021 Article
Unknown object comes within 20ft of aircraft in near-miss Airport Heathrow 23.12.2020 Article
Woman chased by drone Infrastructure Midden-Drenthe 22.12.2020 Article
Drone nearly hit Manchester Easyjet plane window at 8,000ft Airport Manchester 18.11.2020 Article
Kripo Eschwege searches for witnesses after incident with drone Airport Eschwege 29.09.2020 Article
Landing approach to Nuremberg – drone comes dangerously close to aircraft Airport Nürnberg 18.09.2020 Article
Thousands of drones unnoticed over the government district Infrastructure Berlin 11.09.2020 Article
Swindon man illegally flew drone over Cirencester homes Properties Cirencester 10.08.2020 Article
Forbidden drone flight at Neuburg Air Base Military Neuburg 08.08.2020 Article
Rescue helicopter in Freiburg almost collides with a drone Police Freiburg 06.08.2020 Article
Drone and light aircraft in ‘near miss’ Infrastructure Perth 06.07.2020 Article
Helicopter fighting Darwen Moor fire forced to land due to drone flying above incident. Infrastructure Darwen 01.06.2020 Article
Pakistan shoots down Indian drone Military Pakistan 09.04.2020 Article
POL-EU: Drone over residential area Properties Euskirchen-Wüschheim 08.04.2020 Article
Trio illegally lets a drone fly over residential area Properties Dillingen 06.04.2020 Article
Man films people in Immenstadt gardens with drone Properties Immenstadt 06.04.2020 Article
Drone near the airport Airport Neufahrn 16.03.2020 Article
Russian Drone Accident in Arctic Circle Military Severomorsk 05.03.2020 Article
Serious disruption at Frankfurt Airport Airport Frankfurt 02.03.2020 Article
UAV in windshield Infrastructure Fulda 20.02.2020 Article
Security problem for a light aircraft Airport Dundee 15.02.2020 Article
Air traffic disrupted at Madrid Airport Airport Madrid 03.02.2020 Article
Police are given new powers to stop and search in relation to drones Police London 27.01.2020 Article
More drones at Düsseldorf Airport Airport Düsseldorf 01.01.2020 Article
Drone flights banned near Dover port Yacht Dover 13.11.2019 Article
More drones sighted over NRW prisons Prison Düsseldorf 11.11.2019 Article
Flight operations interrupted Airport Sinsheim 28.10.2019 Article
Illegal drone flights over refinery Infrastructure Southampton 26.10.2019 Article
Soccer fans arrested for drone flight Events Prague 07.09.2019 Article
Illegal drone flight in Norwich city centre leads to police action Infrastructure Norwich 02.09.2019 Article
Drone came dangerously close to the aircraft Airport Dublin 02.09.2019 Article
Near collision with drone at Gatwick Airport Gatwick 28.08.2019 Article
Trouble because of drone at Quirinus-Münster Infrastructure Neuss 04.08.2019 Article
More and more drone incidents in Berlin Infrastructure Berlin 30.07.2019 Article
Pilot has avoided a potentially fatal drone collision Airport Oxfordshire 27.07.2019 Article
Airport had to be shut down Airport Leeds Bradford 12.07.2019 Article
Drones flying disrupt flights at East Midlands Airport Airport East Midland 17.06.2019 Article
Drones piloted by climate-change activists target Heathrow Airport London 15.06.2019 Article
Police drone vs. fighter Military Enkenbach-Alsenborn 14.06.2019 Article
Drone came dangerously close to Jet Airport London 17.05.2019 Article
Ban on drones around the grounds at Windsor VIP Windsor 28.04.2019 Article
Man is said to have piloted drone on aircraft Airport Hannover 28.02.2019 Article
Loganair flight in ‘near miss’ with drone near Glasgow Airport Airport Glasgow 15.02.2019 Article
Drones disrupt flight operations Airport Greven/Langen 21.01.2019 Article
Heathrow airport: Drone sighting halts departures Airport Heathrow 08.01.2019 Article
Drones ground flights at Gatwick Airport Airport Gatwick 20.12.2018 Article
Gang flew drones carrying drugs into prisons jailed Prison West Midlands 26.10.2018 Article
Drone tried to deliver 2 phones to prison Prison Taranto 25.10.2018 Article
Virgin Atlantic jet in ‘closest ever’ near-miss with drone Airport Heathrow 23.10.2018 Article
Bendtner wants to sell house after being spied on by drones. VIP Trondheim 20.10.2018 Article
Perth Prison drug smugglers filmed themselves on drone camera Prison Scotland 03.10.2018 Article
Drone used to deliver Chinese takeaway to Wheatfield prison Prison Wheatfield 01.10.2018 Article
Over 40 drone incidents in 2016 Infrastructure Brandenburg 01.04.2017 Article
Drone incidents in prisons Prison Wales 23.02.2016 Article


Incident Category Location Date Link
Drone used to smuggle drugs into OC prison Prison Orange County 16.09.2021 Article
Drone causes great damage Airport Toronto 24.08.2021 Article
Envoy E175 collides with drone in Chicago Airport Michigan 23.08.2021 Article
Drone slams into building in World Trade Center Infrastructure New York 04.08.2021 Article
Border Patrol Helicopter had bizarre encounter Border Patrol Tucson 21.05.2021 Article
Mexico cartel used explosive drones to attack police Police Mexico 21.04.2021 Article
Man used drones to smuggle cell phones, tobacco, other contraband into federal prison Prison New Jersey 20.04.2021 Article
Piedmont Triad International Airport held flights on the ground Airport Greensboro 10.03.2021 Article
Videographer flies drone near official residence of prime minister VIP Morne Daniel 05.03.2021 Article
Drone Carrying Kilo of Meth Crashes Onto Roof Near U.S.-Mexico Border Border Patrol San Diego 17.02.2021 Article
Shots fired at drone in Cass Township Infrastructure Frackville 19.01.2021 Article
Man facing prison and $250,000 fine after smashing his drone into a police helicopter Infrastructure Hollywood 18.01.2021 Article
Feds charge man after drone collides with LAPD helicopte Police Los Angeles 21.11.2020 Article
Drone forces Rotherham and Sheffield players off Events South Yorkshire 29.10.2020 Article
Aero Med Helicopter in Near Miss with Drone Infrastructure Grand Rapids 22.09.2020 Article
Trump’s plane was nearly hit by a small drone VIP Washington 17.08.2020 Article
Drone disrupts another Major League Baseball game Events Boston 13.08.2020 Article
Illegal drone flight delays MLB game Events Minneapolis 05.08.2020 Article
Drone swarm invaded Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant twice Infrastructure Tonopah 30.07.2020 Article
Drone falls on police car Police Houston 27.07.2020 Article
Near miss with drone Police Tulsa 03.07.2020 Article
Prince Harry and Meghan have a serious drone issue at their Beverly Hills home VIP Beverly Hills 27.05.2020 Article
Drone flew dangerously close to U.S. Navy Blue Angels Military Detroit 21.05.2020 Article
Fraudsters used drones to track children in attempted kidnappings Properties Florida 07.04.2020 Article
FAA investigating mystery drone telling New Yorkers to socially distance Infrastructure New York 06.04.2020 Article
Authorities prohibit threatening flights near the USNS Mercy Military Los Angeles 04.04.2020 Article
Smuggling with drone in New Jersey Prison New Jersey 15.03.2020 Article
A woman allegedly being followed by an airborne drone. Properties Warren 24.02.2020 Article
Illegal drone flights and crashes at the Golden Gate Bridge Infrastructure San Francisco 24.02.2020 Article
FBI confiscates threats from Super Bowl LIV Events Miami Beach 31.01.2020 Article
FAA was forced to close down the airspace. Police Calabasas 28.01.2020 Article
Swarms of drones in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska Infrastructure Colorado 09.01.2020 Article
Drone over Michigan Stadium Events Michigan Stadium 17.12.2019 Article
A news helicopter was struck by drone over Los Angeles Infrastructure Los Angeles 15.12.2019 Article
Someone flew a drone during a Red Sox game Events Boston 14.12.2019 Article
Drone Incident Muscat International Airport Airport Muscat 18.11.2019 Article
Drone comes dangerously close to helicopter Infrastructure Santa Paula 02.11.2019 Article
Drone Incident Logan Airport Airport Nahant 14.10.2019 Article
Transport of explosives by drone Properties Washington 17.09.2019 Article
3000$ fine for drone flight Events Toronto 30.08.2019 Article
Ohio five year statistic Airport Ohio 26.08.2019 Article
Fireworks-laden drone found on roof of building in downtown L.A. Police Los Angeles 17.07.2019 Article
Drone sighted near a helipad Airport Chatham-Kent 04.07.2019 Article
Drone seen dropping objects in prison Prison Euclid 02.07.2019 Article
Drone sightings at Pearson airport Airport Toronto 28.06.2019 Article
Drone sighting at Windsor Airport Airport Windsor 05.06.2019 Article
Drone near-miss sparks concern at airport Airport Windsor 23.05.2019 Article
Drone helps migrants illegally enter America Border Patrol El Paso 18.04.2019 Article
Drones pose safety issues at Danbury, Sikorsky airports Airport Danbury 14.04.2019 Article
Close calls between drones and aircraft in Mid-Michigan Airport Mid-Michigan 09.04.2019 Article
A attack against privacy Properties Houston 08.04.2019 Article
Drone “peeping” around Fayette County Propterties Fayette County 04.04.2019 Article
Drone drug smuggling in Kent Prison Kent 03.04.2019 Article
NYPD cop hit by drone Police Brooklyn 02.04.2019 Article
Privacy violated by drone Border Patrol Cape Coral 02.03.2019 Article
Drone sighting at Dublin Airport Airport Dublin 21.02.2019 Article
Drone Operator Charged With Trying to Drop Marijuana Into Georgia Prison Prison Georgia 19.02.2019 Article
Reports of drone disrupt flights at Newark Airport Airport Newark 23.01.2019 Article
Drone hits passenger aircraft Airport Tijuana 14.12.2018 Article
A security threat lurked in the sky around the OIA Airport Orlando 05.11.2018 Article
Plane flying over county reports sighting drone Properties Butler County 04.11.2018 Article
Yellowknife drone operator fined, banned from flying Airport Yellowknife 27.10.2018 Article
Thief used drone surveillance to execute home robberies Properties Mexico City 29.09.2018 Article
Drug smuggling with drone in Oklahoma Prison Oklahoma 27.10.2015 Article


Incident Category Location Date Link
Pakistani drone with payload shot down in Kathua Military Jammu 29.05.2022 Article
Three killed in Yemen’s capital by downed drone Military Sanaa 23.05.2022 Article
Saudi oil refinery targeted in drone attack Infrastructure Riyadh 11.03.2022 Article
Drone Accident During Republic Day Event in Madhya Pradesh Events Madhya Pradesh 29.01.2022 Article
Drone in KIA red zone sets off alarm Airport Devanhalli 25.11.2021 Article
Suspected drone movement in Rajouri, Poonch Infrastructure Kashmir 23.11.2021 Article
Drones rain from the skies Events Zhengzhou 06.10.2021 Article
Drone spotted in no flying zone of Taj Mahal Infrastructure Agra 30.09.2021 Article
Drone with 5kg explosives shot down 7 km inside indian border Border Patrol Jammu/Kaschmir 26.07.2021 Article
Palestinian militants are launching drones at Israel Military Israel 13.05.2021 Article
Oil tanker off Syrian coast hit in suspected drone attack Infrastructure Baniyas refinery 24.04.2021 Article
Drone Attacks Iraq Airport Housing U.S. Troops Military Baghdad 14.04.2021 Article
Military drone crash lands in Taitung City park Military Taitung 18.02.2021 Article
Fire From the Sky: The Afghan Taliban’s Drones Military Paktia 22.12.2020 Article
11 grenades dropped by drone from Pak recovered in Gurdaspur Police Chandigarh 22.12.2020 Article
Drone seen near IB, BSF shoots at in Arnia Border Patrol Jammu 29.11.2020 Article
20 illegal drone intrusions into Changi Airport airspace Airport Singapore 23.11.2020 Article
The Taliban use drones in attacks on Afghan armed forces Military Afghanistan 10.11.2020 Article
Police thwart cell phone smuggling by drone into prison Prison Israel 17.09.2020 Article
Alert along LoC after ISI uses drones to drop weapons for terrorists Border Patrol Srinagar 10.09.2020 Article
Drone drops hundreds of bags of cannabis in Tel Aviv Infrastructure Tel Aviv 03.09.2020 Article
Pakistani drone shot down loaded with arms Border Patrol Kathua 20.06.2020 Article
Two men arrested for drone use during lockdown Police Gujarat 15.04.2020 Article
183 UAV incidents in border areas Border Patrol New-Delhi 05.02.2020 Article
Aircraft had to be diverted in Dubai Airport Dubai 22.09.2019 Article
Drone attack: Saudi oil production cut by 50% Infrastructure Abqaiq 14.09.2019 Article
Blogger arrested for drone flight Police Teheran 13.09.2019 Article
Drone over Ganpati procession – 2 persons arrested Events Tardeo 21.08.2019 Article
Singaporeans charged over illegal drone flying Military Singapore 06.07.2019 Article
Singapore Airport Airport Singapore 25.06.2019 Article
Pakistani drone shot down near Gujarat border Military Gujarat 26.02.2019 Article
Frenchman arrested for flying drone over Myanmar parliament Infrastructure Yangon 11.02.2019 Article
Chinese tourist takes drone inside prohibited area Infrastructure Agra 03.10.2018 Article
Drone photographs a member of parliament VIP Colombo 26.10.2018 Article
Houthis announces drone attack on Dubai International Airport Airport Beirut 30.09.2018 Article


Incident Category Location Date Link
A rogue killer drone ‘hunted down’ a human Military Libyen 30.05.2021 Article
Gauteng heliport grounded by drones that flew into flight path Airport Midrand 04.05.2021 Article
Mystery Drone Crash in Kenya Infrastructrue Wajir County, Kenia 03.12.2020 Article
Suspected drone collision with aircraft at Rand Airport Airport Germiston 27.10.2020 Article


Incident Category Location Date Link
Drone crash in Sydney hotel Infrastructure Sydney 23.06.2022 Article
Police intervene in drone flying incident Airport Whakatane 04.05.2021 Article
Drone spotted 30 m from plane at Auckland airport Airport Auckland 27.04.2021 Article
Drone pilot convicted after collision with paraglider Infrastructure Auckland 19.02.2021 Article
Drone pilot jailed for six months for trying to fly phones into Perth prison Prison Perth 07.01.2021 Article
Drone incidents at Victorian prisons rise 250% Prisons Victoria 17.11.2020 Article
Mysterious Drone Incursions Over Anti-Ballistic Missile Battery In Guam Military Island of Guam 14.09.2020 Article
Drone drug drop at Cessnock jail Prison North South Wales 27.07.2020 Article
Illegal drone flight Properties Wollongong 26.08.2019 Article
Drone disrupts airspace Airport Wellington 12.11.2018 Article


Incident Category Location Date Link
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