AARTOS DDS detects & classifies drones even in remote areas even at night, fog and bad weather.


AARTOS DDS is able to locate drone fleets and their pilots. Works also against drones that fly "hidden" between buildings, industrial plants or trees.


AARTOS DDS seizes control of the drones and uses jammers to force them to land.

No Drone problems with AARTOS Drone Detection System


AARONIA AARTOS offers an all-in-one solution for drone defense, whether mobile or for stationary 24/7 surveillance. Companies and governments all over the world trust Aaronia AG to provide them with state-of-art drone defense systems.

Solutions for Military & Government

Drones are a serious threat to military and government facilities because they are easy to acquire and operate. Our shelter and container solutions enable professional, self-sufficient and area-independent protection against drone attacks.

Solutions for Police

Opportunistic spectators often obstruct police work by using drones to aqcuire sensational images of accidents and crime scenes. This can quickly become a danger. With our system you can avoid such dangers.

Solutions for Airports

Drones are a growing security threat in the airspaces of airports. Provide professional protection. Offer professional protection with our field-proven drone defense system.

Solutions for Critical Infrastructures

Unprotected critical infrastructures such as nuclear and electrical power plants, refineries and energy and water utility companies are easy targets for unauthorized drone activity and thus — if left unprotected — pose a threat to public safety.

Solutions for Prisons

Drones are often used to carry drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other contraband into prisons. You can prevent this with our AARTOS Drone Detection System.

Solutions for VIPs

Celebrities (and other high-profile personalities) are constantly confronted with the challenge of protecting their privacy. Aaronia AG protects you from invasive drone activities.

The solution from the world leader
in drone detection and control

The system is designed to detect the intrusion of unwanted drones by using real time directional measurements of the drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control). It warns users of the DDS of incoming drones and sends alerts.


We support and secure events and sites around the world with our award-winning drone defense system.