Drone attacks on large events can generate mass panic.

Targeted attacks by drones over event sites are unfortunately becoming more frequent and often cause significant damage. Organizers can now rent a system which does not cause any disruption to radio traffic (for example, with stage equipment) and is not even noticeable to the visitors.

With everything from the rental of individual systems to customized solutions, Aaronia offers an international service which can be used flexibly in both urban and rural areas.

Our AARTOS™ system has an independent energy supply and can be deployed reliably for your events.

  • Rentals, Aaronia takes care of everything
  • Does not interfere with radio traffic (e.g. stage equipment)
  • Will not be noticed by visitors
  • Can be deployed flexibly in urban & rural areas
  • Independent energy supply

An Adaptable System

Our system can detect entire drone swarms and can automatically eliminate drone threats on demand. In addition, our in-house software offers a live display, including high-resolution 3D flight paths. With our internationally proven system, you can reliably protect events of any size.

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