Personal protection and protection of VIPs is of the utmost importance.

Personal protection and protection of privacy are extremely important topics for VIPs, because being shielded from the paparazzi is part of everyday life for people in the public eye.

When a threat is detected, the AARTOS™ Drone Defence System automatically sends notifications to you via app, even accessible on your smartwatch or smartphone.

The AARTOS™ system works flawlessly in residential areas and does not need an operator. It is already successfully in operation worldwide in many residential areas.

  • Protection of privacy, anti-paparazzi
  • Fully automatic
  • Notification by app (smartwatch, smartphone, tablet)
  • Does not need an operator
  • Remote monitoring
  • Works flawlessly in exclusive residential areas
  • Monitoring of complete residential areas
  • Optical tracking

Protection with a Proven System

Our AARTOS™ Drone Defence System works fully automatically and can be used while mobile or when stationary for your protection. AARTOS also offers visual tracking against the violation of your privacy.

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