Critical Infrastructure

The total failure of critical infrastructure can have unmissable consequences.

Whether oil or gas refineries, chemical plants or substations – critical infrastructure has been largely unprotected up to now. Public safety and providing for society are at stake here.

Our AARTOS Drone Detection System monitors even extremely large areas with a high level of accuracy and without any HF emissions which could interfere with procedure.

With AARTOS, several facilities can be monitored from a central command post with extremely high reliability.

  • Extremely large areas with high level of accuracy, without emissions (HF) which would interfere with procedures
  • Pipeline monitoring, extremely large range
  • Networkable, several facilities can be monitored from one place
  • High level of reliability
  • Multi-site solution

We offer scalable protection for your industrial area

With our system no line of sight is necessary for detecting UAVs. It triggers an alarm when a threat is detected, locates the drones and pilots, and can force the drone to land if wanted through so-called jamming before damage to a facility can occur. The AARTOS system can also be integrated very well into existing infrastructure.

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