Correctional Facilities

Drones deliver contraband and dangerous weapons to prisons.

Legislators have set up another no-fly zone in Germany for drones over “Correctional facilities and Penal system facilities”. Nevertheless, weapons, mobile phones, and other illegal goods are getting into these prisons through the use of drones, and these incidents are increasing daily.

Our AARTOS™ Drone Detection System has a to-the-metre-accurate protective shield and versatile monitoring perimeters that work flawlessly in an urban environment.

The AARTOS™ system meets the high safety standards that are necessary in these situations.

  • Good solution for prisons
  • Adjustable monitoring parameters, invisible protective shield precise to the metre
  • Works flawlessly in urban environments
  • Size of the drone does not make any difference
  • Also tracks other signals, mobile phones, etc.

24/7 Monitoring

Our system provides reliable protection for your employees, company assets, and your facility. This is the only way to protect yourself from these unauthorised intruders and their airborne cargo.

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