The System

AARTOS Drone Detection System Logo

After four years of development, Aaronia introduced its drone detection system – the AARTOS DDS. The system is designed to detect the intrusion of unwanted drones by using real time directional measurements of the drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control). It warns users of the DDS of incoming drones and sends alerts.

Drones can be more than just a nuisance

The increasingly easy access to mini/micro UAVs makes them a growing potential threat to national and commercial security. Easy to produce, cheap to buy, simple to fly, and hard to detect, commercially and non-commercially available drones are among the most quickly evolving technological threats to military and civilian interests. In the US, a commercial drone reportedly alarmed the Secret Service in March 2015 when the UAV flew too close to the President’s golf resort.

Can be used anywhere

The drone detection system can be used virtually anywhere. Typical use cases include the protection of boarders, events, residential areas, governmental facilities as well as commercial/industrial sites such as nuclear plants. Available as a single-site or multiple-site solution, the system can be adjusted to the characteristics of the respective terrain/area to be monitored.


The drone detector is based on the Aaronia IsoLOG 3D antenna, a real-time spectrum analyzer (XFR V5 PRO, RR or RF Command Center) and a special software plug-in for the RTSA Suite software. Combining all these elements allows for 24/7 monitoring and recording with uninterrupted data streaming. The system saves considerable measurement time, and is both compact and flexible. It can be set up at virtually any place you need to surveil/protect.

Detection range

The system has no limitation with regard to its detection range. Usually, the detection range is the same (or better) as the usable distance between the operator and the drone, thus depending on the transmitter power of the drone/its operator. Taking into account the various drone types and topography, this range can be up to 50 km or more.

Early detection

The AARTOS Drone Detector triggers an alarm as soon as a remote control sends a signal, which is even before the actual drone is airborne. Countermeasures can therefore be initiated at a much earlier stage.

System and Iso LOG 3D Antenna


  • Real-time measurement of the RF emissions from drones / UAVs, jammers etc.
  • Tracks and locates the operator(s) controlling the drone(s)
  • Extremely high coverage, up to 50 km depending on the drone type
  • Detects and locates unlimited numbers of drones at the same time
  • Detects more than 99% of all commercial drones (even pre-programmed)
  • Identification of the drone type (e.g. DJI Phantom 4)
  • Works in urban environment (cities, airports, events etc.)
  • Allows 24/7 recording and monitoring without any gaps
  • Ready for use within a minute (portable version)
  • Multi-system setups show position and altitude
  • DF measurement accuracy up to ITU class A
  • Enhanced temperature range (desert installations)
  • Unlimited in size & numbers of receivers, arbitrary expandable
  • High sensitivity even in urban environment, due to switchable sector-amps
  • Covers a frequency range of 20 MHz to 20 GHz
  • 3D multi-functional flight pass view
  • High tracking accuracy of up to 1°
  • Works at night, in fog and bad weather
  • 360° coverage
  • Made in Germany