Electronica 2018

Electronica 2018
November 13 – 16, 2018
Munich, DE

Aaronia presents the AARTOS drone detection system and the latest generation of real-time spectrum analyzers, the SPECTRAN V5 Series.
Visit our booth to find out more about our new and future products in spectrum analysis, antennas and shielding. You can talk to our expert staff about technical details and everything else related to our products.
We look forward to your visit!
Presented products:
Visit our booth to see numerous LIVE demonstrations of our innovations:
– Our latest generation of real-time handheld spectrum analyzers SPECTRAN V5 
– Our new drone detection system AARTOS DDS. Detects and tracks any HF signal from 9kHz to 20GHz in real time!
– The IsoLOG 3D antenna (9kHz to 20GHz), with self-developed DC to 20GHz RF connectors, optimized material and layout.
– Our new ultra wideband monitoring system with over 1.4GHz real-time bandwidth.
– Aaronia Near Field Probe Set PBS2 (DC to 6GHz)
– Aaronia EMV and EMI antennas (20MHz to 6GHz)
– HyperLOG active LogPer DF antennas (45dBi gain with optional laser and compass)
– External low noise EMC preamplifier (40dB gain)
– And much more…
We are happy to show you how you can perform your own EMC test with our measuring instruments and our latest software.  
We look forward to demonstrating the products and software live to you.